No hands challenge

The #‎NoHandsChallenge

Imagine using your phone without your hands…
Seems tricky, right?


Well guess what?
There are more than 30M people worldwide with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy as well as temporary injuries who aren’t able to use their phones the way most people do.

That’s why we invite you to take the #NoHandsChallenge!

Record yourself in a 30’’ video trying to use your mobile to call your best friend without using your hands.
If you succeed: post a photo of yourself on Facebook or Twitter having completed the challenge with #nohandsnoproblem
If you didn’t make it, @tag your friends and SpeechAngel on any social media site you like, and challenge them to the “No Hands” Challenge.

With your help we can raise awareness for people who stand up to their physical disabilities.


Best wishes,

The SpeechAngel Team.