Why a phone app for SpeechAngel? Why Android?

SpeechAngel enables you to live your life more easily. Our customers operate the app via a graphical speech interface on their mobiles. The app will ensure a higher level of independence of the immobilised person in daily life. It will facilitate caretaking of the immobilised person for the families and other caregivers enabling them to leave the person unattended for an extended period of time. Our app also supports over 35 different languages and has a high level of customization in terms of command words.

So, why does our app operate via phones, or more particularly, phones operating on Android?

Mobile phones are affordable and easily available. The app is simple to use and always on hand when installed on your mobile. Nowadays smartphone usage is widespread and buying an Android smartphone is affordable (less that 120 euros).

The following link provides more information on the affordability of today’s smartphones:


The mobile operating system, Android, currently developed by Google was created primarily for mobile devices that harboured a touchscreen (this can be a smartphone or a tablet). Android has been the best selling OS on tablets since 2013 and is ubiquitously dominant on smartphones and has the largest installed base of all operating systems of any kind. Android-powered devices have built-in sensors that measure motion, orientation and various environmental conditions. Android platform supports three broad categories of sensors. Motion sensors: measuring acceleration forces and rotational forces along three axes. This category includes accelerometers, gravity sensors, gyroscopes, and rotational vector sensors. Environmental sensors: measuring various environmental parameters such as air temperature and pressure, illumination and humidity. This category includes barometers, photometers and thermometers. Position sensors: measuring the physical position of a device. This category includes orientation sensors and magnetometers.

The use of sensor framework enables you to do the following: determine which sensors are available on a device. Determine an individual sensor’s capabilities, such as its maximum range and resolution. Acquire raw sensor data and register and unregister sensor event listeners that monitor sensor changes.

We hope this gives you an introduction into why SpeechAngel uses Android phones! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The SpeechAngel Team.