Electronically openable ‘smart’ door locks

Smart home devices

As we demonstrated with our ‘no hands challenge’ video, carrying out regular tasks when you suffer from a condition restricting mobility can be difficult. That’s why it’s very important for many home devices to be managed electronically. A very important subset of this are door locks. Door locks require electronic management in the homes of those laboured with disability. This may be for anything from simply letting in a visiting friend or a response to an actual emergency scenario. Either way we want to present you with examples of the kind of available door locks that are compatible with our technology.

Kwikset Kevo ($219)

The Kevo, when it’s just hanging there on your door, doesn’t draw attention to itself. When you’re using it, a cool glowing ring lights up. Kevo communicates with your phone (or an optional key fob if you don’t have a smart phone) via Bluetooth. You don’t even have to pull out your phone to open the door. When the lock senses you in front in it, you just have to tap the Kevo with your finger to unlock. You can assign unlimited virtual ekeys. The Kevo can even tell if you’re inside or outside the house.

Danalock by Poly-Control ($99)

Danalock comes in Bluetooth and Bluetooth plus Z-Wave versions. If you have, or plan to get, a smart home system, you should probably go with the Z-Wave version. One major bonus of the Danalock is that it doesn’t replace your existing deadbolt- the mechanism installs onto your deadbolt, so you can keep your original house key. The Z-Wave version, when combined with a Z-Wave smart home system allows remote locking and unlocking.

August Smart Lock ($249.99)

The August Smart Lock can maintain a constant internet connection by combining with the August connect, a small device that plugs into a power outlet in your house and connects to your wireless. This allows you to reach the lock remotely if you need to lock or unlock the door while you’re away. It also communicates to your smart phones via Bluetooth, so you don’t need an internet connections for the lock to operate. The August lock is part of the ‘Works with Nest’ family, so the Nest Thermostat can be programmed to change temperature settings based when you lock and unlock the door.

Schlage Sense (This is not Bluetooth but it is interesting because it uses SIRI) ($179.99)

The Schlage Sense is the first smart lock designed to work with Apple HomeKit technology and includes the ability to use Siri to lock and unlock your door with your voice. You can assign and manage up to 30 virtual keys (Schlage calls them codes) at the same time. The Schlage Sense lock will be available in two styles, Camelot and Century, in a variety of finishes, including Matte Black, Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze to complement each home’s look.

We hope you’re now up to date on available and affordable door locks. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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The SpeechAngel Team.