Announcing the creation of the SpeechAngel Non-Profit Association

Dear Speechangels,
We have come a long way with Speechangel, pursuing the noble cause of helping disabled people in their daily lives.
This has all started in 2009 with a BSc thesis then continued in 2015 with EU-XCEL. In 2016 Alicia and Nataliya created a team in Berlin to further develop Speechangel and raise capital through several channels, including a crowdfunding campaign. Although we have not launched it finally, we have gained valuable experience out of it.
As you may know, I had the honor to meet Stéphane in Basel, who enthusiastically joined the project and brought an important business skill set to Speechangel. We are working together for over a year and today we are reaching a new milestone of our journey.
We have the great pleasure to announce that Speechangel has officially become a non-profit association based in Switzerland. This form will allow us to raise funds from individuals, companies and governments while realizing our social mission without any compromise on our values.
We continue on our way with renewed energy – stay tuned!