The End.

After so many years, we finished our journey with SpeechAngel. It’s good to remember back the major milestones: starting with EU-XCEL in 2015, followed by our attempt in Berlin to launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and then starting a non-profit Association based in Switzerland.

Unfortunately none of these strategies worked for us. We failed to solve the technical issues we faced and to secure funding for in-depth research. Years after we started, speech recognition is still an incredibly complex topic. Our original mission remains valid: providing a low-cost, easy to use and versatile speech recognition solution that works with any language – any speech-like sound in fact – capable of helping all the people with various conditions. I do hope that capable engineers and other experts will soon find the way of enabling millions of people around the world to live a more independent life.

The site will remain online for some time to be a memento of our work and hopefully inspiration for anyone coming after us. My eternal gratitude goes for all the people who helped us along this journey. Thank you!