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The End.

After so many years, we finished our journey with SpeechAngel. It’s good to remember back the major milestones: starting with EU-XCEL in 2015, followed by our attempt in Berlin to launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and then starting a non-profit Association based in Switzerland. Unfortunately none of these strategies worked for us. We failed […]

Announcing the creation of the SpeechAngel Non-Profit Association

Dear Speechangels, We have come a long way with Speechangel, pursuing the noble cause of helping disabled people in their daily lives. This has all started in 2009 with a BSc thesis then continued in 2015 with EU-XCEL. In 2016 Alicia and Nataliya created a team in Berlin to further develop Speechangel and raise capital […]

Electronically openable ‘smart’ door locks

Smart home devices As we demonstrated with our ‘no hands challenge’ video, carrying out regular tasks when you suffer from a condition restricting mobility can be difficult. That’s why it’s very important for many home devices to be managed electronically. A very important subset of this are door locks. Door locks require electronic management in […]

Why a phone app for SpeechAngel? Why Android?

SpeechAngel enables you to live your life more easily. Our customers operate the app via a graphical speech interface on their mobiles. The app will ensure a higher level of independence of the immobilised person in daily life. It will facilitate caretaking of the immobilised person for the families and other caregivers enabling them to […]

Living with cerebral palsy

At SpeechAngel our goal is to assist anybody that is living with a condition of restricted mobility. This includes diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s but a further important example is cerebral palsy. The condition severely limits casual, everyday movement and affects eight hundred thousand people in the United States alone. We’re keen for […]

Meeting with activist Dick Cochius

This weekend the SpeechAngel team are out in Holland meeting with Dick Cochius! During our time there we’ll be interviewing Dick to find out more about his experiences and his condition. Dick lives with spinal muscular atrophy and is a prominent activist who has been very vocal on the subject of disability. Information and comments […]

SpeechAngel at YouthSpeak Forum Switzerland

On 14th April SpeechAngel took part in the event YouthSpeak in Switzerland. This was the first edition of the forum and was powered by AIESEC. This conference was aimed at social start-ups and was a great way for us to explain our goals and brainstorm with other change-makers. The SpeechAngel Team partook in discussion of […]

What’s it like to live with MS?

Here’s a great article on living with MS by the journalist Lisa Salmon.   Read the challenges that are presented by living with disease here: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/wellbeing/what-its-like-to-live-with-multiple-sclerosis-10-things-you-need-to-know-about-ms-11364055103781   Information on the author: Mother-of-two young sons, Lisa Salmon’s writing career spans 25 years. Registered blind after a car accident, she has shown strength in overcoming great adversity. […]

Mobility rights activism with Marcel Brans

While back in Holland, in Breda, we teamed up with Marcel Brans. Marcel is a mobility rights activist who is engaged in a project to make the city of Breda the most accessible city for wheelchairs in the Netherlands. Marcel is advising SpeechAngel into living with mobility limitations and the way he faces up to […]