What is Speechangel?

Speechangel is a mobile application, designed specifically to help immobilized (disabled) people and everyone who has trouble using their hands.

How many people are immobilized worldwide?

According to the WHO 100-190 million adults and children worldwide have significant mobility issues.

What are the key advantages of SpeechAngel?

  • It is designed specifically for immobilised people.
  • It is capable of supporting ANY language or sound.
  • Available at an affordable price for everybody

Why are existing solutions (GoogleNow, Siri, Amazon Echo) not a solution for immobilized people?

Many places in the world lack (reliable) internet connection that hinders several existing solutions. More importantly, many people’s ability to speak clearly and comprehensively is negatively impacted by certain conditions such as those brought on by stroke. Therefore, the future is to create user-trainable, customisable speech recognition solutions.

Why is Speechangel targeting the Android platform?

Android is the most affordable and widely available platform.

How many languages are supported?

Our aim is to support all languages by creating a setup wizard that makes the app easy to train for any sound.

How much will Speechangel cost?

It is free for Skype and media player and costs only a few euros / dollars for other features (hardware costs excluded).

Do I need to be an expert to install Speechangel?

Not at all! We designed the app to be really easy to use. In addition, we try to use solutions like ready-made smart Bluetooth lights that you can swap easily in a minute.

What devices does Speechangel support?

We’re working on providing a supported device list. We aim for wide availability and affordability!

When will the first version of the SpeechAngel app be available?

It depends on how fast we can get funding to transform our prototype to a user-ready, reliable application. It is hard to give an exact deadline – but we would really want to have the first version available in 2018.

I really like this project. How can I help?

Like our social media pages, spread the word and get in touch!